Sunday, 20 September 2009


A few weeks ago me and my mate Adam Sims went up to Brighton to stay with my pal Sam Roberts (cock Sam) before skating Brighton we hit up all the rad spots in Hastings
the day before. we also met up with rough mike that day, I was so stoked to meet him, he’s a proper rad lad and although he hasnt been in the public eye of skateboarding for the last couple of years he still shreds the shit out of everything and anything on a board. We seshioned Crohusrt bowl which as always was a proppa sketchy yet fun skate, Sam managed to front side grind the extension followed by the sickest lean to tail I have ever seen which was also on the extension. Just as the day was cutting short, Johno and the rest of the crew turned up to get some footage for the new source skate park edit. They moved the old rusty smashed up table which was up there so it was level with the coping using it as a step up. I cant quite remember the trick that Johno did first on the table but I do remember it was followed by an ice plant which looked fucking ridiculous. The following day we met up with Stevie Thompson who owns the skate shop in Brighton. He’s a fucking rad bloke with nothing but skateboarding and fun on his mind. He’s got the most amazing tricks up he’s sleeve and he’s probably the best transition rider I have seen in person, bearing in mind iv skated with Greg Nowic. We skated hove skate park for around 2 hours which has a mini ramp with concrete coping dead in the centre of the park, the front side grinds came out that day. After hove we headed off to ride the secret quarter pipe in Eastbourne. when we arrived at the brick quarter Johnno and Joe were already there with tom and egoor,who by the way are both proppa funny and proppa rad. They built a small flat bank out of what ever was around at the time to get the speed to ride the quarter. It worked really well, a bit of footage got shot that day so check it out! Thanks a lot to cock Sam for a rad time in Brighton and every other spot he took us too.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

privet school

the other day greg and myself went to the privet school in tenteten. the school had these banks that were so much fun. there was also a massive wallride with a hip on the corner of it whitch we skated for ages. i couldnt get eneugh of this perticular bank, the gradeant and run up was just right. its steeper than it looks in the picture but like i said the gradeant was just right, i managed to front rock and creeper it before we got kicked out be the police.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


its finaly out !!!

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