Tuesday, 23 March 2010


so happy, finaly got my vishion gonz board whitch i have wanted for about 2 years now,proppa stoked. i also managed to get an old isue of juice magazine whitch has the tim jackson interview, its real intresting and theres some proppa funny pictures of tim jackson of what he looks like today. he looks like hes been in prison or somthing,looks proppa knarly.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


i managed to get a re isue of the salba tiger board today,pritty stoked as it is one from a limited range of graphics that have been printed upsidown. althoue dan,craig,sam,myself and fuck knows how many other people rip the piss out of salba for being proppa aragant,he was still probibly the hardist ripper at the pipe line park in the 80s and probibly still is.

Monday, 15 March 2010


hires the corry obrian board that i disided to dismember in exchange for a more colourfull/80s look. i recon it looks rarther like a vision board thoue (for fuck sake!). no ones perfect. oi if your down about somthing or other at the moment, this may chear you up ,>>>

Saturday, 13 March 2010


as jason jessee once quoted (im not a street skater but im still trying)which i can some times relate to when out skating with greg and jack in tumbridge wells,haha! how ever tom knox realy inspires me to skate the streets now and then,althoue it is all about bowls and mini ramps!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


thanks greg!


i got this tattoo yesterday,its an old misfits graphic whitch i have been rarver fond of for a long time now.you may wonder why i didnt get the clasic horror biznes pice done,and i stand by my own personal view when i say (its still a proppa rad graphic that i may some day even consider getting, yet so many other people have it and the other thing about it is the horror biznes skull is white on a black background whitch i also was a bit unsure about how it would look if the tattoo was all black on white.) but anyway i tols andy that i wanted the tattoo to look a bit diforent so that no one else would have the same one, so as you can see a couple of fetures were alters and colour was added. realy happy with this tattoo, cant wait till my next one. as for getting an old santa cruz graphic tattooed, its pritty much out of the question, dan and craig nearly have them all and they all look so rad! should be geting the jason jessee neptune for my next one, (dont worry dan its going to be diforent compeared to yours,i promice).


i had preveously orderd these boards whitch both came throue today,the black lable one is massive with no concave atall i think its a 10.75. the other corry obrian board is to skate thoue,cant wait to set it up, its a 9.75, megga stoked!!!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


so so so so so so so so stoked on 80 skateboarding,i feel that skateboarding is going throue a proppa shit time at the moment,so lets get a few things straght, fuck lakia foot where,fuck krux truks,fuck new era hats,fuck addidas (sorry gonz), fuck girl skateboards,fuck the skate dice,fuck mike fucking mo and that koston cunt,fuck hubba wheels and most of all fuck them emo dickheads that turn up at the skate park whereing all the top shop gear and a brand new pair of nike high tops whalst carrying a brand new set up including probibly somthing like (girl board,hubba wheels and fucking krux truks!) whitch by the way,dosnt even get skated !!!!!!!!!!! ill tell you what! where dickies,ride independent trucks,ride a boars thats atleast an 8.25,skate bigger wheels,do front side grinds,where back to front mesh hats,where vans and nothing but,quit smoking smash a bottle or to, listen to the music loud AND BRING BACK THE FUCKING 80S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY FRIEND FELIX DOSE THIS ZINE called fatt huck, these limited coppys are jam packed with the knarlyist skateboard pictures, and the goryist illastrations by dan singer. betta than (thrasher,sidewalk and even our belovid low card)........trust me.
thanks very much for the stuff felix mega stoked!

ps felix was kind eneugh to send me out a pare of his own LTD fat huck shades, much
apresheated felix haha!