Friday, 30 October 2009

all hail jedrzej !!!

Jedrzej is a rad lad from staplehurst. he has curantly been living in england now for around five years and speaks our language very well. he can also speak a variaty of other languages which is pritty remarkable considering ive lived in england all my life and i can just about speak english. anyway jedrzej is a year above me at collage doing his second year of natnal diploma fine art and desighn. if ever you get the chance to see any of jedrzejs art or photography your in for a treat for he is quite pashanate when he comes to these two things.When i first met jedrzej in canterbury i couldnt think what to make of him, hes a tall,pail,leen fella with long blond hair which he some times weres in a pony tail.on an avrage day jedrzej would normaly be seen wereing a tight tee shirt,a wooly flece,vans and a fisherman like hat underneeth a massive pair of headphones.(always looking realy sketchy).anyway jedrzej has recently been lurning to skateboard at his lockle skatepark and has picked it up realy quickly. hel soon be doing backflips to manyal revert tripple hard flip out.honistly thoue jedrzej is a realy rad lad who is realy easy to talk to and he is a tone of fun and a plesure to hang out with.(fucking sensational !!!).so anyway if you simply cant wait to meet jedrzej all you have to do is go to staplehurst and look for a tall,pail,leen,sketchy looking guy whering vans,a tight tee shirt,a wooly flece and a fishamans hat underneth a massive pair of headphones.(approch with caustion,may be armed).till then hire are some of jedrzejs pictures.

Friday, 2 October 2009