Sunday, 12 June 2011


i got my own little section in the canterbury end of year exobition this year. lots of lino and screen prints including the one i have hire. anyones and evoryone is welcome so come get your hands on one of these prints. ( even darren navarette has one)


This weeks been a real downer with the shit weather, cant skate for more than 15 minits or so without getting rained on. but today made up for the shit week, got too meet all the US creature crew today down in hastings, skated the sourse and had a beer with navarette and hitz.They were all real friendly and took my mates toy pig on the tour as there new mascot. sam hitz gave me his latist zine along with some stickers and darren got one of my latist screen prints. STOKED, (to sam hitz) if you ever got the chance to read this email me your address and ill be sure to swap a bunch of zines with you if your still up for it. thanks again so stoked, have a rad trip lads!!!