Wednesday, 23 February 2011


did you know that dennis the menice was once going to go pro santa cruz, when this board graphic was brought out dennis was angry due to the fact that the black and red stripes had been printed at diaganal slant.dennis refused to take the graphic as his own and was so inraged about the whole ordeal that he quit santa cruz. Duane peters took the graphic for his own pro modle insted.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My corant collage project at the moment for my SIB2 is (a skateboard company).
i have been looking into other peoples independent companys for imfluence in order to create my own. for a final pice im going to aim to produse a hand printed tee shirt and board with a photo/illistration based zine. i brought this g&s 80s adition deck to sand and print on to for the final pice for my company (creeper skateboards) is 100% 80s inspired and 100% hand printed. out come photos to follow in future.

cctv shots

on the 12th of febuary 2011, servalance camras captured threatning footage and some still shots of these two asalents.there identaty remains unknown, how ever the oveous fact that dose remain known to us as survillians of the public is that thay are armed and considers highly unprodictoble and dangerous.


Psycho dan


About a month ago now will,dan,matt,jake,craig and myself headed up to safranwaldon to stay with our other mate jake and to skate the park. by the time we had finaly arived at our stop after dismantaling the seats on the train and watching jake do his jacky chan impreshions whalst smashing a light after doing a backflip, it was much much wetter than it was in london. we headed up to the park that everning and dryed what we could of the smaller bowl there,that everning also concluded of an 80s style brake dancing battle,craig chatting up a police woman and us all dressing up real smart for weatherspoons...which we never managed to get into.So we went to the pub insted where jake slit his toung open...fantastic! the next day lovenskate stu,french and paul came round to skate (pauls birthday). the park was much weter than the day befor so jakes dad brought up a flame thrower to dry the place up.
chears to jake and his girl friend for letting us stay we had a real fun time!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Untitled from rip-ride on Vimeo.

100% RIP RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!