Sunday, 31 January 2010



Brighton tattoo convention !

Kath and myself headed up to brighton on saterday for the tattoo comvention, year there were bits hire and there when it felt a bit like wacky maxes family reunion, but dispite that we had the best time, the whole building was buzzing with tattoo guns,live bands and the whole rockabilly lifestyle whitch was so rad. i spent somewhere between 3 to 4 hours in the chair while getting my four arm done, im not showing any close pictures for the moment thoue untill its compleatly finished. Andy Blair at skin flix is a fucking gifted artist and did an amazing job. cant thank him eneugh.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

a print from craig!

stoked! my gratist friend craig gave me this four colour screen print today as an early christmas present.robots,slime,toxic waste,horror,skulls,decaying artifacts and even fred flintstone! what more could you possibly need!?
thanks very much brother,well stoked. i best find a frame for it.


Today was finaly the day i got the plesure of skating with the man in person (Mat bomley). hes a proppa rad led with a few radistic tricks up his sleev,ive been a secret fan of his work from the moment i hurd about him and his illastrations which is why i was megga stoked today when i finaly managed to get this stuff off of him,we even did a badge swop at hastings train station haha.rad, i will most defonatly be looking forward to having the plesure of skating with mat in the neer future and once again whitnessing the radness once more. stoked with the stuff mat,thanks again!


dan gave me the new coping killers road kill shirt the other day,it concludes horror text and a truck print on the front, what more could you posibley ask for.
nice one dan,another rad shirt, STOKED!


I was luckey eneugh to get my hands on another issue of spat zine and this other zine on crains off of my good friend pat. pats illastrations will inspire your mind and infect your brain. keep them coming pat.


i called my pal stu and asked him if he could send us a lovenskate board, and when the package came the box was packed with all this stuff too,
so so stoked,thank you so much stu,lovenskate do the best graphics and the radist boards ever,cant wait to see what stu will be cunjering up next.


i got some new funeral fog clothing off of my mate french just before christmas, but little did i know that he would also send me this balistic tee, a graphic that he had preveously done for a compony in japan called 2k.
thanks again pal,proppa stoked,skate soon.

ever lasting ring pulls

havent you hurd? johns been collecting ring pulls since 1955,and hes only 18. if you think this is bad,wait till you see dan and craigs collection. wev drunk alot of cola in the past, but what will they think of next???


screen prints onto slime infected camvases for clive and lindsays exobition in canterbury.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

wheres KEVIN HARRIS ???

for those of you that have preveously or resently questioned your selfs, "wheres Kevin Harris ???!", well i can safly say that he is still live and flipping in the same small village that im also living in.ive met him many times and i can safly say that hes one of the radist people that i have ever met.when i last saw Kevin Harris he wasnt and hadent been skateboarding for some time,how ever im comvinced that he is still skateboarding secretly in his gararge on his sons new grind box.

Beleve what you will, but im telling the truth. I KNOW KEVIN HARRIS.