Monday, 23 May 2011


Just finnisher this flyer for the big day at staplhurst park, just outside of maidstone in kent. got some grate stuff lined up and theres plenty of prizes to be won from a load of top sponsors. E.G (road kill,lovenskate,whitch craft.

thanks very much to neil brown for helping with the graphic!


Friday, 20 May 2011


Many more horror inspired lino cuts to be continue.
from one to five colours

Saturday, 14 May 2011


I produced these A2 and A1 mullty colour lino cuts as part of my devolopment which is working up to an A1 horror serese of prints for my end of year exobition in canterbury. with up to 4 colours and with one straght levile press, im very happy on how they turned out and an also very pleased that 4 of these limited issues have already got resurvs.

for more imfomation about these lino cuts and about the canterbury collage end of year exobition please feel free to contact me at


A LINO PRINT SELECTION ( SLAUGHTER,return of the phsyco)

i produced this print in a larger variaty of colour and back grounds because i know that evoryone has there own personal opinions on which colours and back grounds work best together. i wanted to produce a messy print with an expreshion that said damaged and scared so i produced some shimmery fading prints along side the louder bold ones. im happy with this batch and im stoked to have alredy sold sevral alredy.

for any questions on these prints plese feel free to contace me

thanks for looking throue