Sunday, 20 December 2009


right! i havent been able to post my resent drawings or any skate pictures for ages now coz my scanner is fucked and for some fucking reson i cant get any photos off of kaths camra. SORRY!!! where i am at the moment its compleatly coverd with snow,its frezzzzzing cold and unit 1 skatepark has apparently shut for a evorythings been shit without skateboarding.on the other hand ive been drawing quite a bit and have been watching tones of skate footage,mainly black lable and streets of fire santa cruz tapes. listning to black flag,social distortion and the prosicuters.not to menchon venom,napalm death and terorizor. but year should be uploading some illastrations soon i hope bats,critters,blind dead,satanic sluts and spueing gutts,loads more insects.

watch this video, its old footage that no dought youv already seen,but a watch it anyway,then watch it again.and again and again.............and then once more.

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