Tuesday, 9 March 2010


i got this tattoo yesterday,its an old misfits graphic whitch i have been rarver fond of for a long time now.you may wonder why i didnt get the clasic horror biznes pice done,and i stand by my own personal view when i say (its still a proppa rad graphic that i may some day even consider getting, yet so many other people have it and the other thing about it is the horror biznes skull is white on a black background whitch i also was a bit unsure about how it would look if the tattoo was all black on white.) but anyway i tols andy that i wanted the tattoo to look a bit diforent so that no one else would have the same one, so as you can see a couple of fetures were alters and colour was added. realy happy with this tattoo, cant wait till my next one. as for getting an old santa cruz graphic tattooed, its pritty much out of the question, dan and craig nearly have them all and they all look so rad! should be geting the jason jessee neptune for my next one, (dont worry dan its going to be diforent compeared to yours,i promice).

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