Monday, 5 April 2010


been haveing fun latly just been skateboarding,hanging out with ben bowling,clasic practical jokes,fucking about with guns,smashing stuff,loads more skateboarding and a tone of drawing for collage and other stuff. had an epic day out at hastings yesterday, just went up to viset me arnt and uncle, me and ben spent all our money on these real shit cap guns with loads of caps, was proppa funny walking past people on the sea front and letting them off , making people proppa flinch and scream. banging them out of the car window was the best, watching people hit the deck. we went to the old smashed up skatepark when we were in hastings were we met up with cool jon, jons the sort of lad who well set his mind to somthing and then do it straght after no mater what it is.he rips hard on a skateboard and lands everything with the radist style.

realy missing skating with dan and craig, havent skated with them for a couple of weeks now but should hopfully be seeing them real real soon, its as if a part of me is missing or somthing when there not around. ive always seen them as brothers, got too much in comin. rad lads for sure.
went to unit 1 skate park with ben,gorge and greg, justin and rad ben were there who are always proppa funny and skate real good. spent about tow hourse on the mini mini whitch is so fun, ben bowling skated it real good. i lurnt layback rollout tail slides on it.

watched the film MADE IN BRITAN the other day,proppa funny, its about this kid whos two punk for his own good, gose about smashing evorything and anything,getting arested, and just going practicly wild in the streets of london. proppa comerdy.
sums up the last few days anyway, i dont know why im typing this, i dont normaly type up what ive been up to, its pritty gay i recon, oh well.

dont be rasist
remain hyperactive
open your mind
do as you will

i wonder what phil michles doing right now?

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