Monday, 9 August 2010


a few days ago me and my friend jedrzej rid our bikes from staplhurst to canterbury.we stoped off at this eary looking abandand house which had remains of childrens toys and very old glass bottles,at one point we nearly fell throue the rotting remains of the decaying floor boards. after cycling 70 miles from staplehurst to canterbury and back i would have to say the two best highlights that stuck out for me had to be when on the way to canterbury me and jedrzej were riding down a real steep hill with a realy sharp turn at the bottom when a large white van came skidding round the courner and had to slam on its brakes which then shot evorything that was in the back of the van to the front making a proppa loud bang,it looked and sounded so funny.the other highlight was when dan,jedrzej and myself was riding back from canterbury in the dark when a massive bat swooped out from no where and nearly hit dan and jedrzej, jedrzej then shreeked at the top of his voice QUICK RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!! me and dan were then pissing ourselfs due to the fact that not only have we always thought in a weird sort of way that jedrzej looks like ren from the ren and stimpy show but also proppa sounded like him.
also whalst in canterbury we payed clive and lindsay a short visit, it was real good to see both of them and they kindly let me take these realy shit photos of these proppa rad insectoys. THANKS AGAIN!

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