Saturday, 14 November 2009


The other day i was thinking back to all the cartoons that i use to watch as a kid.looking back now some of the stuff they use to show was proppa weared yet i use to love it and still do. if they still broadcasted this sort of stuff now days,i would probibly be sprinting home from collage just like i use to when i was at school,just to arive home in time to watch my favouret shows. hires a short list of cartoons i use to watch. (angry bevers,rug rats,hay arnald,wild thornbuarys,real monsters,cow and chicken,anamaineyacs,ren and stimpy,cat and dog,pinky and the brain,resess,johnny bravo) and loads more.

watching cartoons may of turned whats left of my brain to mush, but atleast i have some grate memoreys.

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